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Layout Table~~~~6436~6436~~
New Display Item~~~~6436~15390~~
Xray R1220~Xray Front Body Mounts Set 301320
~~Xray R1220|R1220|~6436~14100~~
Xray R1221~Xray Rear Body Mount Set 301330
~~Xray R1221|R1221|~6436~14102~~
Xray R1230~Xray Lower Suspension Holder Integrated (Set 12) 302042
~~Xray R1230|R1230|~6436~14104~~
Xray R1234~Xray Eccentric Nylon Hub For Bulkhead + Covers (4+2) 302070
~~Xray R1234|R1234|~6436~14106~~
Xray R1235~Xray Caster Clips Set - 4 3 2 1mm (2) 302080
~~Xray R1235|R1235|~6436~14108~~
Xray R1240~Xray Composite Shock Tower Front 302097
~~Xray R1240|R1240|~6436~14110~~
Xray R1242~Xray Suspension Arm Front Lower 302110
~~Xray R1242|R1242|~6436~14112~~
Xray R1243~Xray Suspension Arm Front Lower EVO2 302111
~~Xray R1243|R1243|~6436~14114~~
Xray R1245~Xray Suspension Arm Front Upper Right 302130
~~Xray R1245|R1245|~6436~14116~~
Xray R1247~Xray Suspension Arm Front Upper Left 302140
~~Xray R1247|R1247|~6436~14118~~
Xray R1250~Xray Suspension Arm Front Lower - C-Hub - Medium 302151
~~Xray R1250|R1250|~6436~14120~~
Xray R1251~Xray Steering Block Right 302210
~~Xray R1251|R1251|~6436~14122~~
Xray R1252~Xray Steering Block Right - Wide 302211
~~Xray R1252|R1252|~6436~14124~~
Xray R1253~Xray Steering Block Left 302220
~~Xray R1253|R1253|~6436~14126~~
Xray R1265~Xray Composite C-Hub Front Block Right - Medium - 3 deg. 302282
~~Xray R1265|R1265|~6436~14128~~
Xray R1267~Xray Composite C-Hub Front Block Left - Medium - 3 deg. 302284
~~Xray R1267|R1267|~6436~14926~~
Xray R1269~Xray Composite C-Hub Front Block Right - Medium - 6 deg. 302286
~~Xray R1269|R1269|~6436~14927~~
Xray R1271~Xray Composite C-Hub Front Block Left - Medium - 6 deg. 302288
~~Xray R1271|R1271|~6436~14132~~
Xray R1284~Xray Servo Saver Plastic Cover 302551
~~Xray R1284|R1284|~6436~14134~~
Xray R1300~Xray Alu Roll Center Bridge 303030
~~Xray R1300|R1300|~6436~14136~~
Xray R1306~Xray Suspension Arm Rear Lower 303110
~~Xray R1306|R1306|~6436~14138~~
Xray R1307~Xray Suspension Arm Rear Lower EVO2 303111
~~Xray R1307|R1307|~6436~14140~~
Xray R1309~Xray Suspension Arm Rear Lower - C-Hub - Medium 303150
~~Xray R1309|R1309|~6436~14142~~
Xray R1319~Xray Upright Rear 303310
~~Xray R1319|R1319|~6436~14144~~
Xray R1337~Xray Diff Washer 17x23x1 (2) 305082
~~Xray R1337|R1337|~6436~14146~~
Xray R1338~Xray Ball Steel 2.4mm (24) 305090
~~Xray R1338|R1338|~6436~14148~~
Xray R1349~Xray Wheel Axle Front With Hex Hub - Spring Steel (2) 305215
~~Xray R1349|R1349|~6436~14150~~
Xray R1351~Xray Drive Shaft Replacement Plastic Cap 3mm (4) 305240
~~Xray R1351|R1351|~6436~14152~~
Xray R1353~Xray Wheel Axle - 22 mm - Integr. Hex Hub - Hard Coated (2) 305310
~~Xray R1353|R1353|~6436~14154~~
Xray R1357~Xray High-Performance Kevlar Drive Belt Front 3x180mm 305442 (Replaces part no. 305440/305441)
~~Xray R1357|R1357|~6436~15470~~
Xray R1358~Xray High-Performance Kevlar Drive Belt Front 3x507mm 305431 (Replaces part no. 305430)
~~Xray R1358|R1358|~6436~15474~~
Xray R1359~Xray High-Performance Kevlar Drive Belt Front 3x507mm 305431 (Replaces part no. 305430)
~~Xray R1359|R1359|~6436~15472~~
Xray R1361~Xray High-Performance Kevlar Drive Belt Rear 3x180mm 305442 (Replaces part no. 305440/305441)
~~Xray R1361|R1361|~6436~14158~~
Xray R1405~Xray Spur Gear 93T/48 305793
~~Xray R1405|R1405|~6436~14160~~
Xray R1406~Xray Spur Gear 96T/48 305796
~~Xray R1406|R1406|~6436~14162~~
Xray R1443~Xray Nylon Pistons Adjustable + Non-Adjust. (Set 2+6) 308035
~~Xray R1443|R1443|~6436~14164~~
Xray R1463~Xray Shock Cap-Nut Alu (2) 308350
~~Xray R1463|R1463|~6436~14166~~
Xray R1468~Xray Spring-Set D=1.7 (25 LB) Dark-Blue (4) 308386
~~Xray R1468|R1468|~6436~14168~~
Xray R1471~Xray Selected Ultimate Racing Springs (24) 308390
~~Xray R1471|R1471|~6436~14170~~
Xray R1498~Xray Universal Set of Plastic Shims 309319
~~Xray R1498|R1498|~6436~14172~~
Xray R1500~Xray Black Hex and Phillips Screw Set for T1 (31) 309322
~~Xray R1500|R1500|~6436~14174~~
Xray R1505~Xray Hex Screw SH M3x12 (10) 309336
~~Xray R1505|R1505|~6436~14176~~
Xray R1528~Xray C-Clip 8 (10) 309442
~~Xray R1528|R1528|~6436~14178~~
Xray R1530~Xray Silicone Grease 00 309500
~~Xray R1530|R1530|~6436~14180~~
Xray R1538~Xray Balancing Chassis Weights (Center - 3 pcs) 309850
~~Xray R1538|R1538|~6436~14182~~
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