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Layout Table~~~~6967~6967~~
New Display Item~~~~6967~15281~~
Trinity R0165~Trinity Tyre Insert Low Profile Soft 24mm TK1528 (use with H13) (pair)
XTK1528~~Trinity R0165|R0165|~6967~14548~~
Trinity R0166~Trinity Tyre Insert Low Profile Medium 24mm TK1529 (use with H13) (pair)
XTK1529~~Trinity R0166|R0166|~6967~14550~~
Trinity R0731~Trinity Tyre Tweak 2000 Rubber Tyre Additive
XRC6684~~Trinity R0731|R0731|~6967~14552~~
Trinity R1004~Trinity Magic Bite Red-Dot Outdoor Traction
XRC6016~~Trinity R1004|R1004|~6967~14554~~
Trinity R1080~Trinity Death-Grip Tyre additive
XRC4063~~Trinity R1080|R1080|~6967~14556~~
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